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Karen Hughes White explains the founding of the Afro-American Historical Association, her own relationship with genealogy, and other aspects regarding research. This interview provides an insight into the personal aspect behind genealogical research and the community engagement present. This interview was picked for the digital media component of this website to highlight the intricacies involved with researching African American genealogy and to showcase the Afro-American Historical Association of Fauquier County.  

To watch specific topics, use the time stamps below:

  • 00:30– Introduction 
  • 00:40– What AAHA offers for its community
  • 2:12– Why AAHA was founded
  • 3:09– Organizations that inspired AAHA
  • 3:40– The other cofounder
  • 6:20– How AAHA has changed over the years
  • 8:06– Where AAHA primarily gets its sources
  • 9:44– Difficulties in getting records
  • 12:47– Current goals for AAHA
  • 13:58– Future goals for AAHA
  • 15:24– How to conduct genealogical research
  • 18:30– Difficulties in conducting genealogical research with ancestors who were enslaved
  • 21:35– Changes in genealogical research since Karen started
  • 23:47– Resistance to AAHA
  • 25:17– Importance of organizations like AAHA
  • 27:52– Final thought and takeaway